The Little Prince - Fox (2010)

This a retopology of "The Little Prince" fox from the Method animations animated series. I did it at MKO Games when we were working with Sony SCEE London Studio on a new device for the ps3. The model is about 12.000 triangles (diffuse, specular and normal maps).

Bomber Medic (2013)

First ZBrush concept for the Medic Unit.

Doug (2011)

I designed (in ZBrush) and create this character for the second MKO Games iPhone game T-80 (after SplitApple). This is a Darts game taking place in an a pub. I wanted the art to be cartoonish and the characters to wear some kind of bowling suits (like in "the big lebowski"). I like the contrast of this big Irishman's arms compared to the darts he is throwing. Socks and Sandals are for gentle mockery...

Little Nick School (2012)

Creation of the Little Nick's school based on the animated series by Method animation. Modeling, UV textures, lighting.
Unfinished work.

The Little Nick (2011)

Retopology of a "The Little Nick" based on the character from the animated series created by Method Animations. This is for an iPhone game project, so it is low on polygons...

Tribute to Diablo 3 (2011)

Here is a graphic test that I did.
The aim was to reproduce a part (bridge) of a Diablo 3 environment screenshot in 20 hours max. Modeling, UV and tile texturing (diffuse and normal maps).
I would have spend some more time on the vegetation but I delivered the test right on time!

Poker Room 2 (2013)

Second environment. Each new environment had to give the feeling of a progression. Better rooms, higher Stakes!

Model size: 37.734 polys

Poker Room 4 Gargoyle (2013)

Got a lot of fun making this Gargoyle for the Hell environment! Wasn't able to use ZBrush that much for the rest of assets...

Model size: 2.685 Polys

Poker Chairs (2013)

Some chairs (classic or not) that players could buy in the shop.

SplitApple - Environment (2011)

A peaceful natural place in San Francisco where the bowman parked his R.V. to practice his favorite sport, archery!

SplitApple - Bowman (2011)

Like any bowman, the main character is a thin tall guy. He was fully inspired by Errol Flynn, but in a modern vision of "Robin Hood".

Cartoon Cow (2010)

I did this cow for an augmented reality game project for iPhone.
Setup, rigging et skinning by Jean-Pierre Joannes.

Bomber Soldier (2013)

I designed the soldier taking the type of camera in highly consideration (top-down view) Big Head, shoulders and hands (to carry huge bombs) were the best match. On the other side, tiny thin legs for the character to move through the level without any disgracious mesh penetration.

Model size: 3828 polys