Bomber UI (2013)

I did a fully functional UI prototype of the game to illustrate my game design.
Try it here!

Break Out (2005)

I designed and realised this Breakout game in Flash, scripted in AS2 (actionscript). I had to reach several goals to consider this exercice over:
- script a whole game with this oriented object script language.
- create levels by parsing an external XML file.
- dialog between PHP and Flash to read and write the best scores in a SQL database.
- Save all ingame datas to re-calculate the player's score and validate it before submit in database.

My new objective would be to finaly replace the menus placeholders by something that I would be proud of! (and retake some ingame datas by the way).

Try the game

Flowering Plants (2006)

A random flowering plant generator.

Lava (2006)

Some kind of a lava lamp effect or what we call Metaballs...
Beware, it's kinda hypnotic!