Soul Fighter

Toka wanted to release this game for the first line-up of the Dreamcast. As the team was small (4 artists, 1 programmer) and the period short (about 10 months), the game mechanics are based on the previous Ps1 title "Legend".
I worked on characters, props, fx and user interface. For the animations, Toka had at his disposal a motion capture studio.
The game was considered a real succes for the company with 450.000 copies sold.

Year 2000
Type: Beat Them All
Company: Toka
Status: Released
Publisher: Mindscape
Position: 2D/3D Artist
Screenshots Movie
Soul Fighter - Characters

Here is a sample of the characters library I did for Soul Fighter. The final game includes 32 different characters.
When working for Toka, I was doing the modeling with Amapi, the UV unwrap with a custom tool and the textures with Photoshop.

Soul Fighter - Sprites

User Interface sprites sheet sample.